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Here at Milestone Law Group we bridge the gap between law and business strategy.

Why partner with us? 

Milestone Law Group confidently bridges the worlds of business and law to provide foresight, stability, and success to businesses and business leaders.

We raise the bar for legal and business relationships. We use goals-based counseling and creative thinking to generate the best possible outcomes for our clients. Clients who work with us achieve their business milestones with less stress and greater peace of mind.


Our client-centered approach is ingrained in our culture. We put your goals and objectives at the forefront of everything we do for you.


We augment our legal expertise with business acuity, resourcefulness, and real life experience. We help you successfully handle the milestones.


You will enjoy working with our friendly staff and attorneys. We understand the importance of having a reliable and trustworthy source for business and legal solutions.


“Working with Milestone Law Group takes away a lot of my worry. It feels like I have them right in my pocket. Whether I am being helped directly by one of the lawyers, or one of the other members on their team, I know I will get the support I need!”

Amanda HarNess, Business Excelerated

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