Amy Roepke

The Lawyer for Employers

If you own or operate a business in Colorado or Washington State that has 25 or more employees, how do you find competent legal help and advice? Does your current lawyer truly understand your business and give you business-based legal advice?

I work with businesses that cannot afford or do not need a full-time lawyer, yet still need competent legal advice for the daily business issues that arise, like HR and employee issues, contracts, leases, or sales and purchases of the business.

I founded Roepke Law Office on these five principles that inform each client relationship:
Peace of Mind, Trust, Practical Advice, Open Communication and Making a Difference. 

Peace of Mind

My clients tell me that I give them peace of mind because I understand and work for the best interests of the business. I calmly and rationally assess and address each problem or issue, and work with the business owner to craft a workable solution or action plan. Also, I deliver more than what my clients expect by speaking with my clients and getting a comprehensive understanding of the situation. This eliminates a lot of back and forth communication and I can usually deliver a finished product on the first draft.


I conduct myself with the highest integrity at all times. My advice is legal, ethical and moral. I only give advice that I am competent to give, and I have a network of trusted professionals that I turn to if I get stumped.  I cultivate relationships of mutual trust and respect.

Practical Advice

Many attorneys give well-meaning but impractical advice to their business clients. These attorneys are focused mainly on the legalities of the situation, and may lose sight of the client's goals and interests.  My interest-based approach is different – I learn the big picture and consider the legalities, but I also account for the client's particular situation, goals and abilities. As a result, my clients are able to meet their business interests while also complying with legal requirements. Additionally, I research my clients to learn as much about them as possible. Their goals, values and aspirations. This allows me to provide the most comprehensive service possible.

Open Communication

My communication methods are both responsive and reflective of the client's preferences. Be it in person, over email, or by phone or video conference, I ensure that my clients receive open, honest and prompt communication from me. I make myself available as often as needed and my clients appreciate my diligent follow up.

Making a Difference

I work with values-based, impact driven companies who are making positive contributions to the world. Your business has unique challenges because you are not operating like everyone else in their industry. Because I understand your values, goals and motivations on a deeper level, I help you navigate these unique challenges in a way that promotes your organization’s alignment.

Hi, Thanks so much for your interest in learning more about me.

My Background

I began working in small to medium-sized family-owned businesses around the age of 20.  I learned quickly that the more “hats” I wore with the company, the more I could contribute to the ultimate success of the business.  So, I worked to learn as much as I could about the business, cross-training as much as possible so that I could fill-in whenever and wherever there was a need.

In 2003, I went back to school, and in 2005 I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Business Economics from Seattle University.  I went directly into law school and obtained my Law degree from Seattle University School of Law in 2008.  During the years that I was earning both degrees, I was running my own bookkeeping business, helping small and medium sized family-owned businesses keep their finances in order.

Since 2008, I have been working with clients of all sizes, both public and privately-held, in a variety of industries.  Working with such a broad spectrum of clients has given me a deep understanding of business at all levels.

 In January of 2015, I received the PHR credential for Human Resource professionals. Earning the PHR credential gave me the opportunity to learn more about human resources issues affecting business owners.

I am a licensed attorney in both Colorado and Washington State.

“I am committed to delivering peace of mind to owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses in all industries. I work alongside my business clients to cultivate strong relationships that are built on trust, business-based practical advice, and open communication.”

When you work with me you get more than just sound advice. Contact me today.