Bill Burke


My Background

Military Service

I served four years in the Marine Corps as an infantryman with 2nd Bn 3rd Mar (“2/3”). I completed two tours to Iraq during my time of service. My first tour was to Haditha, Iraq, in 2006, where I served as a point-man for my rifle squad. As a point-man, I was responsible for creating unique patrol routes for each combat mission and navigating those routes while on patrol. I learned many valuable and transferrable skills while serving as a point-man, including operational planning and creative problem solving.

Author Ed Darack was embedded with 2/3 for part of our Haditha tour and he recently published a book about it called “Warriors of Anbar.” A few of my experiences are included in that book, so please buy a copy if you would like to learn more about me, and the fight Marines faced in Al Anbar during that time period. I am referred to as “LCpl William Burke” in the book.

My second tour was to Karma, Iraq, in 2008, where I served as an infantry squad leader in charge of twelve Marines. I planned and successfully executed over fifty combat missions during that tour and had the opportunity to learn and sharpen leadership skills under the most difficult of circumstances. I learned that striving to be a good leader is a never-ending process requiring discipline, hard work, and honest self-reflection.

My service awards include: 1) Combat Action Ribbon, 2) Purple Heart, 3) Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (x2), 4) Iraq Campaign Medal, 5) GWOT, 6) NDSM, 7) Navy Unit Commendation, 8) Certificate of Commendation (individual award x2), 9) Letter of Appreciation, and 10) Good Conduct Medal.


When I left the Marine Corps in 2010 with an honorable discharge, I immediately enrolled in the University of Colorado, Denver, and began work at the Family Shooting Center in Cherry Creek State Park. I worked as a range safety officer (“RSO”) and NRA certified firearms instructor for five years while I obtained my bachelor’s degree in political science.

In 2015, I graduated from the University of Colorado, Denver, and was accepted into law school at the University of Colorado, Boulder (“Colorado Law”). I knew that I wanted to be a business lawyer from the very beginning of law school, so I was able to pick classes that I knew would give me a solid foundation for a career as in-house counsel upon graduation.

While at Colorado Law, I also had the pleasure of clerking for Judge Brian Bowen who presides over the Adams County Court for Veterans (“ACCV”). I am currently still involved with the ACCV as an Advisory Board Member. The ACCV often looks for volunteers and veteran mentors, so please contact me if you are interested in volunteering. Click the following link for more information:



I was hired as an associate attorney with Milestone Law Group (previously Roepke Law Office) in September of 2018 and I have been serving as in-house counsel for small and mid-sized businesses ever since.