We ask that all prospective clients fill out a business or trademark intake form. This provides us with initial background information about your legal needs. 

You can find these forms below. 

Upon receipt of your intake form our legal team will review the information you provided and determine if our practice is able to meet your legal business needs. Once we have determined what the next best options are for you, you will receive an email with additional information. You should expect further information within two business days.   

If all parties agree to move forward we will schedule a virtual consultation or a complimentary phone call.  More information on this below. 

Intake Forms

Our attorneys are licensed to practice in CO, IA, WA, VA

Consultation Information

Getting to know you call: This is a complimentary call so that we can get to know each other and you can learn more about Milestone Law Group. Please note that no legal advice will be given on this call. 

Paid consultation: If you are ready to get to work, then we will schedule a paid consultation and get moving on your matter!

Disclaimer: No Attorney-Client Relationship is Formed

There is NO attorney-client relationship formed by submitting our intake forms or by having a phone call with our legal team. We do not represent you unless and until you and we mutually agree to the representation and you sign a formal agreement.